Your Eyes!


Eyebrow Laminations & Eyelash Lifts NOW AVAILBLE!

Get your brows back into shape! 

Eyebrow Lamination:  Basically a perm for your eyebrows.  

Brow lamination involves correcting the eyebrow shape.  A two-step eyebrow perming treatment, brow lamination sets the hairs in place using a chemical solution.    By giving your brows a better shape, you’re calling more attention to one of your very best qualities– YOUR GORGEOUS EYES!

Give Your Eyelashes an Extra Boost!

Eyelash Lifts:  A relatively low-maintenance process to give your lash a fuller more pronounced look.  The lash lift will curl and raise your eyelashes making your morning a little easier while drawing much needed attention to your beautiful eyes!

Northeast PA Say “Goodbye” to Mascara!

Eyelash Extensions from Shabby Shek are your answer to lusher, fuller, more beautiful lashes.  Professionally applied by our Tunkhannock team, you can find the best look for your eyes.

Melissa and Izzy at Shabby Shek eyelash extensions
Izzy & Melissa, our certified lash extension team at Shabby Shek Salon

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  • Volume
  • Fullness
  • Enhance Your Eyes
  • Youthful Look

The Look Almost Every Woman Wants!

Melissa & Izzy take extra time to apply your lashes carefully, giving your lashes a firm foundation and longer lasting endurance with relatively no eye irritation.  When properly applied to your natural eyelashes, lash extensions will feel hardly noticeable, they are so lightweight.


Professionally Applied Eyelashes have a more natural look.

What can lash extension do for your eyes?

  • Lash Extension add length.
  • Lash Extension draw people to your eyes.
  • Lash Extensions lift your eyelashes.
  • Lash Extension can make your eyes appear brighter.
  • Eyelash Extensions enhance your natural beauty.
  • Eyelash Extensions can add a little curl.
  • Eyelash Extensions will make your eyes look wide open as soon as you wake up.
  • Eyelash Extensions can help improve your self esteem.

Visit our Tunkhannock Salon, just a short drive from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, the Back Mountain & Clarks Summit for the professional treatment your lashes deserve.  You will thank us in the morning when you wake up to “no mascara needed,” brighter, more beautiful eyes. 

 Shabby Shek’s Eyelash Extension Feel Light Weight & Natural and will NOT damage your natural lashes.

You will look great everyday, even when you awaken, and only need to come in every few weeks for touch-ups and fill-ins.

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